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Amec Profile


I.  Establishment and Development

  • Officially established in 2004 ;
  • Licensed from Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment, as an agent for consulting students to study overseas and foreign languages training
  • Recruit more than 400 Vietnamese students overseas every year to different countries (especially in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Korea, just name a few).

II.  Vision

To become a leading student recruitment and international education consultancy agency and foreign languages training center for youth in Vietnam.amec01 (1)

3.   Action Philosophies

  • Students’ benefits is AMEC first priority;
  • Quality and student-parents satisfaction is the driving factor behind the development of AMEC education consultancy services;
  • Friendly, cooperative and supportive attitude towards business partners;
  • Abide laws and regulations set out by countries for an educational agent;
  • Maintain the company’s standards of business

4.   Key Objectives

a. To provide a comprehensive service that supports Vietnamese individuals to choose the most suitable educational institutions and/or majors overseas;b. To offer an one-stop-shop tailor made to all the needs and requirements of studying, working and living for Vietnamese people abroad;c. To help potential Vietnamese students, skilled workers, investors and others identify the best strategies to make their dreams of studying, working, and living overseas comeamec02

II.  Key Services

1.   Student Recruitment and immigration

a. Strategies


  • Help Vietnamese students and their parents identify the best strategies (both long term and short term) to meet their needs in the most cost- effective ways;
  • Help identify the most suitable international institutions and programs (i.e. locations, training programs, tuition fees, scholarships, admission requirements, etc);

b.  Actions

  • amec04Design a road map of development for each and every Vietnamese student to equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills (esp. GPA, ESL and life skills) and solid financial proofs;
  • Provide one-on-one assistance in completing their applications      for
  • Help organize pre-departure orientations to help them prepare for their lives overseas (esp. accommodation, transportation, food, medical services, );
  • Stay close in touch with students by leveraging social media and e-communication system (i.e. facebook, skype and twitter) while they are studying abroad to answer all questions related to their further studies, career development, and immigration plan;
  • Organize study tours as well as host talks, forums, education fairs and other events that bring Vietnamese students and their parents in direct contact with international educational institutions, International University Missions, Alumni networks and related

c.  Outcomes

  • Provide further support for Vietnamese students to apply for their permanent residences, work permits, immigration and citizenship overseas (if possible);
  • Help their families come to visit, get temporary resident permits, settle down and immigrate to a foreign country (upon requests).

2.    Promote studying in any particular foreign country and/or institution

a.  Consultancyamec05

  • Help international institutions and education sector stakeholders identify the best strategies and action plans to recruit students in Vietnam;

b.  Engagement

  • Help international institutions organize some school visits or business trips in different cities in Vietnam to promote their programs and recruit prospective students;
  • Organize international university missions and campaigns to promote studying in a particular foreign country or institution;
  • Provide a series of roundtables, talks, forums, education fairs and other events that bring Vietnamese students and their parents in direct contact with foreign educational institutions, International University Missions, Alumni networks and related

c.  Partnerships

  • Support them to build up and/or strengthen partnerships with suitable Vietnamese counterparts through educational projects and exchange

III.  Our customer profile

a.   Student Recruitment

  • Children from grade 9 (i.e. 15 years old) whose parents are well-off;
  • Parents who have a high status in Vse society;
  • Local culture of sacrifice for their children education and well-being;
  • Parents who have overseas preference and trust in overseas educational institutions.

b.  Immigration and Citizenship

  • Overseas living preference (esp. in a clean and safe environment);
  • Preference of freedom , independence and prosperity;
  • Overseas experience;
  • Adventurous (travelling, living and working overseas ).

IV.  Business partners

America (50 institutions);

Australia (25 institutions);

Canada (48 institutions );

Singapore (15 institutions);

Korea (30 institutions)

United Kingdom (35 institutions);

The Netherlands (5 institutions);

Germany (10 institutions);

Spain ( 10 institutions);

Newzealand (10 institutions)


Further contact Information:

In Hanoi:

Add: 14-16 Ham Long, Hoan Kiem

Tel: (024)3941 1891/39411 892/39411 890

Email: vphanoi@amec.edu.vn

In Ho Chi Minh City

Add: 167 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Ward 10, District 3, HCM city

Tel: (028) 6261 1177/ 6261 1188/ 6261 1199/ 6261 1155/ 090 171 388

Email: vphcm@amec.edu.vn



Hoặc liên hệ Hotline:

  • AMEC Hà Nội  (024)39411 891 – 39411890 – 39411892 hoặc 0914 863 466
  • AMEC Đà Nẵng    (02)36 396 7776 hoặc 0916 082 128
  • AMEC Hồ Chí Minh  (028) 6261 1177 – 6261 1188 – 6261 1199 hoặc 0909 171 388

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toididuhoc

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